FOX Plus Abacus-  Multiple Advantage Program ( Age limit: 6-10 years )

The program is designed in 8 Levels. Each level comprises of 12 sessions, 75 minutes each.

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Benefits of the Program:

- Abacus Mental Arithmetic program
Abacus is fundamentally an arithmetic tool with the help of the soroban kit. 
The child soon learns to do the calculations in mind without the help of soroban kit, pen or paper. This is called the Anzan stage. This technique uses both sides of the brain and increases their co-ordination. Right side is used for visualizing the beads position and left side is used for accurately comprehending and applying math logic to get the answer. Mathematical concepts taught start from simple addition and subtraction till percentage, fractions, averages in 8 levels. 
Several positive benefits are:
 Greater concentration skills
 Better analytical skills
 Improved creative imagination and visualization 
 Better comprehension and calculation skills

- Value based education

This aspect of the program is an integrated study of moral and ethical values. It inculcates universal ideals like tolerance, truth, honesty, peace, forgiveness, co-existence and non-violence in the child with the help of interactive quizzes, stories and game activities.

- Single point focus concentration exercises

A few short duration focus exercises are included which help in improving concentration and being able to free the mind from all objects of distraction. Clustered thought process and feelings create chaos in our brain, causing confusion. This method will help achieve inner clarity, which will improve problem-solving skills and grasping power exponentially.

- Interesting Brain teasers and puzzles to help improve:

  Visual and Spatial Intelligence 

Deals with spatial judgement, to help visualize objects in the mind from different angles and views.

  Logical Reasoning techniques

To understand the relation between precondition, rule and conclusion. Helps recognize patterns and use scientific thinking for reasoning.

  Spelling check 

Word search puzzles, quizzes and crosswords to help improve spelling skills.

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