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By Students:

These classes are so different from any other Maths class I have attended so far… I didn’t even have to practice or do any homework to understand the concepts.. They are so simple, easy and fun to learn! I don’t think anyone can get bored in this class.. It’s a very quick and easy approach to maths.. In two classes, I could do multiplication up to 5 digits in one line!

I loved the class where I learnt concepts on Calendars and dates.. Now I can tell any day of the year without having to see the calendar.. The best part is I didn’t even have to practice after coming home.. No homework necessary.. Awesome class!

I really liked your class it was very interesting and I got to learn something different. Thanks for teaching me :)

By Parents:

I could see a difference in my childrens’ Maths capabilities within two classes of the Power Maths Program. The children themselves are so enthusiastic to go learn Maths! They are no longer afraid of seeing higher digits multiplication, division or even cube roots! The best part of the first class was the Magic trick, I could not crack it myself till my Grade 3 child explained it to me. After 8 classes, now I feel they can do calculations more accurately than me!

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