FOX Plus Power Mathematics Program ( Age limit: 8-15 years )

FOX Plus Power Mathematics Program is designed in 12-15 sessions ( depending on student's capacity) for minimum 60 minutes each session.

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Benefits of the Program:


Simple and Smart Maths tricks to make your child calculate faster than using a calculator!!!

- High speed Vedic Mathematics tricks

This technique helps solving arithmetic problems 10-15 times faster than normal calculation methods. It helps in mental agility and developing greater confidence with numbers. The child develops an interest for mathematics with this method.

- Single point focus concentration exercises

A few short duration focus exercises are included which help in improving c
oncentration and being able to free the mind from all objects of distraction. Clustered thought process and feelings create chaos in our brain, causing confusion. This method will help achieve inner clarity, which will help improve problem-solving skills and grasping power exponentially.

- Puzzles which encourage "Think out of the box" technique

This makes the student's minds more active. It inculcates a "don't give up" attitude when solving a difficult problem. It improves student's academic performance by following a step-by-step problem solving approach. 

- Exhaustive material with quick maths tricks and examples

Solving these exercise sheets will help the students understand application of the vedic maths techniques accurately and save time during exams. These techniques will help the student solve arithmetic problems involving the tricks in mind without pen and paper. 

- Time management tips and Speed exercises

Assessment tests with time limit will be provided to enhance the student's ability to use the tricks at the right time accurately. Also, tips for managing time when solving an exam paper will be given to enhance their confidence. 

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